King Bed

When it comes to shopping for furniture there are so many options out there that one does not know which would suit them, their apartment, their house or their family best. It takes a little research along with a little measurement to sort out through all of the options and choose something that can last you a lifetime. When it comes to king size beds, many couples go for the cheap king platform size beds frame for sale because of its size and comfort it provides. Even so, there are many types of king platform size beds frame for sale and you have to make sure you choose the best one for you.

California King

The California king platform size beds frame for sale, also known as the western king, is a king size beds with a single huge mattress for your comfort and a healthy good night sleep. This bed is best fitted for people who are taller due to the fact that it is 2.13m in length and 1.83m in width. This bed is 10cm narrower and 10cm longer than the standard king size beds. They come in many shapes and sizes, but if the person who will be sleeping in this bed is a little tall, then you should buy this type of bed because there is nothing like a comfortable mattress after a long day.

Standard King

When you ask the person at the furniture shop for a King Bed they will, most likely, point you to a Standard King. These beds at the most available and most used of the entire king platform size beds frame. In case this might not be the king size beds you are looking for, you should know that the Standard King is 2.03m long and 1.93m long. It is perfectly suited for most couples and if the little one comes crying in the room, missing their mommy and daddy, even they will find some room to crawl between the two of you. Basically, each partner sleeping in this king size beds will have about 1m to himself or herself, enough to sleep safe and sound.

Split King

The Split king platform size beds frame for sale is a King Bed with options. The king size beds is specifically designed to fit two, twin mattresses that are about 0.91m in width and 2.03m in length once you put them next to each other. So by adding two mattresses to the Split King you will be getting a Standard King. Nevertheless, why add two mattresses when you can add one single mattress and get the same result? Because, this type of bed is designed to split in half in order create king beds for two individuals. Imagine you have guests coming over who do not wish to sleep in a king bed made for couples; you can split the king beds up and fit two people in a guest room that only had one king bed. In addition, if a couple does come over you can put it back together and offer them a bed they can share.

In conclusion, a king platform size beds frame for sale is a bed that comes in many types and many options, you simply have to know what you are looking for and you will be satisfied with your purchase.


When you are out shopping for a new king platform size beds frame for sale or simply browsing the internet for ideas, the first thing you should take into consideration is the size of the king bed. There are many sizes of beds you can take into consideration. First, you should consider the size of the room, which you will be putting the king bed in. Next, you should consider the people who will be sleeping in that bed. For example, if you are tall then you should buy a California King because it is the longest king bed available. If, on the other hand, you will be using the bed for a guest room, you might consider buying a Split King which will fit two mattresses and which can be split to accommodate two people who might not wish to sleep in the same bed. Another aspect of size is the height of the king bed from the floor to the mattress. Some beds are low, like platform bed, and some are high like an antique frame. Most frames have the same distance to the floor, and that is roughly 63cm. This is yet another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration.


When it comes to king bed they come made from different types of materials. You can have your king platform size beds frame made out of metal, wood, and steel and so on. Each of these materials comes with their own pros and cons. For example, wood is light and extremely good for the environment, however it is a bit more expensive. Metal, on the other hand, is a heavier material but it is very durable and cheap. It all depends on your wishes, needs and wallet.


Buying a king bed does not only mean the pieces of wood or metal that keep the mattress off the floor. A cheap king platform size beds frame for sale is an imposing piece of furniture in your bedroom and thus it can be made into various designs. You can choose from futuristic to vintage or from classic to contemporary. Again, these choices are up to you, the design of your bedroom and the design of your house. Parts of the bed frames are the headboard and the footboard. A proper King Bed will come with both of those or maybe just one. Choosing an appropriate headboard can be a mess. The headboard will influence the whole image of the king bed and it will have the footboard to mirror and support it. To sum up, choosing the bed frame for your Cheap king bed discount beds size frames dimensions for sale platform California of headboards storage sets best buy canopy furniture prices bedroom furniture with drawers modern deals double eastern sleigh measurements online headboards underneath  contemporary large canopy will require some thinking, measuring and researching. A complete bed with bed frame, mattress and sheets will cost you a pretty penny, which means that you need to do some research and you need to look around before making the final purchase. Always know the length and width that you are aiming for, know the materials you want in your house and last, but not least, figure out the type of design that will suit you best. Follow these points and you will find the best king bed for you.

A bedroom is a place of rest, security and privacy; this means that it should have a certain ambiance to it so that you may feel at ease and comfortable, this is why adding a headboard to your king platform size beds frame for sale should be a priority. A headboard will not only offer security for your head but also comfort, design and beauty. If you know what you are looking for and what you think will fit with the rest of your room then you will not be surprised at the result this purchase will yield. Headboards for your king platform size beds frame come in many shapes, sizes, materials and designs which mean that once you have decided on buying one you should know where to start. First of all, the best way to choose the material and color of your headboard is to have it match the decoration in your room and of course the king platform size beds frame for sale itself. It cannot exactly stand out, it has to fit in and add to the already designed room. The materials you can choose from are very varied, they include metal, wood, bamboo, different fabrics, leather, velvet and many more. Even if you have decided on a material, depending on that material’s flexibility, you will find that these headboards can come in many colors. If you have a room that is already fully decorated, you can choose to match the headboard; if, on the other hand, you are just starting now you can choose any color and match the rest of the furniture later.

It might depend on the type of king platform size beds frame for sale you have, what type and design of headboard you choose, but remember that there are so many options available. The best way to make a decision, which will best fit, is to buy the cheap king platform size beds frame for sale the same time you buy the headboard. This way, you can match the color, the material and the design. The king bed itself might be simple and made of wood, for example, but you can give it a little flair by adding a headboard with a little more oomph to it. There are several styles to choose from contemporary and futuristic style all the way to vintage and country style. It does not matter if your house is all classical with old furniture and beautiful Persian rugs, because you will find a headboard that will fit the king bed you use because the stylist who design them have thought about every aspect possible. To sum up, choosing a headboard will be no easy task, but it will be a fun one because you will get to browse all the available options out there. You will see the classical headboards with style and grace all the way to the futuristic sci-fi headboards and fun ideas that some designers have come up with. Then you will be able to choose the headboard that will fit your king bed perfectly and you will be able to enjoy the flair it will bring to your bedroom.