Single Bed

You spend a large part of your life while sleeping, and which is why you should not underestimate the importance of your single bed. A comfortable cheap single bed frame with storagecan be your best friend. A not so comfortable bed can become your worst enemy. The same bed can be both, and it really depends on your choice whether it will be your friend or foe. A suitable single bedcan give you the most comfortable sleep, and especially if it is appropriate for your body. In case you have some health problems, you may want to opt for the special orthopedic mattresses and slatted single bedbases of various modifications. 

Slat beds are designed to maintain the different parts of your body in a horizontal position, without any distortions or sagging. The rigidity of a mattress should also fit your habits and preferences. Therefore, before you buy this or that model of a single bed frame with storage, it is desirable to lie down on this bed. This is a good way to save your money. You should also note that the mattress must not be as soft as a featherbed. It should give at least some support to your spine. The width of your single bed is equally important. If you are planning to buy a double bed, it should be spacious enough for two persons. As for the queen bed or single bed with storage, you must feel free and comfortable when sleeping on this single bed. After all, you do not want to wake up lying on the floor in the middle of the night. Remember that the bed must meet all of your requirements. If you suffer from allergies or spinal diseases, you may want to opt for the mattresses with synthetic fillers. Those people who suffer from rheumatism and scoliosis must select the most appropriate mattresses.

The height of your new single bed with storage must meet certain standards as well. In order to check whether the single bed can meet those standards or not, you just need to sit on this bed. In this position, you must be able to easily touch the floor with your feet. Your knees should not be bended at an acute angle. It will be much easier for you to get up or go to bed, if you will be able to sit on it as on a chair. Therefore, if your height is no more than 175 cm, the height of your single bed should not exceed 40 cm. And in case you are higher than that, it should be 45-55 cm. It is very convenient when the lateral sides of a cheap single bed frame with storage are located slightly below the mattress. It is comfortable to sit on such bed. However, this does not apply to the waterbeds. The mattress of such bed should not be above or beyond the bed. Finally, you should not forget about the materials used for the construction of your bed. The strongest of them are forged from solid sorts of wood or solid metal. The most durable sorts of wood include oak, beech, maple and larch.

According to the ancient teaching of Feng Shui, the bedroom is the center of any house. The situation that prevails in the bedroom greatly affects your health, well-being, and, of course, sexuality. There are many tips for decorating your bedroom according to Feng Shui. These simple tips will make it easy for you to achieve the harmony and peace when sleeping in your single bed with storage. Your bedroom is a place recreation, romance, intimacy and relaxation. In any case, you should not turn your bedroom into an office or vice versa. Otherwise, you can let the outside world into your personal space, which is generally undesirable. It is unadvisable to install such items in your bedroom as TV sets, DVD players, computers, and so on. At least, you should try to hide them in a cupboard or behind a curtain. Such pieces as fountains, aquariums, and large potted plants are also not particularly appropriate for placing them next to your single bed with storage or double bed.

A double or single bed frame with storage in your bedroom should be comfortable and spacious. Ideally, this bed should be made of wood. A bed made of metal is a strong conductor of electricity. It can repel any positive energy. The single bed should not be positioned next to a window or in front of a mirror. The best option is to place it next to the wall. Such furniture as a bedside table should be placed to the right of your bed. High pieces of furniture must be located to the left of your bed. Try not to hang up various shelves or cupboards above your single bed. According to the canons of Feng Shui, you should not sleep with your feet directed to the door. However, your head should not be directed to the north either, because such positioning leads to an outflow of energy. It is believed that the positive chi energy accumulates under the bed. This energy promotes the most comfortable sleep and the most positive dreams. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to store anything under your single bed frame with storage. The linen should be soft and preferably in pastel colors. The sheets should be changed regularly. It is a great way to renew the positive chi energy and to observe the basic rules of hygiene. As for other colors in your bedroom, it is desirable to place a couple of red object there, because this color symbolizes beauty and love. At the same time, you do not want to have too many bright and flashy objects in your bedroom.

In order to create a relaxing, quiet and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom, you can use muted shades of such colors as white, gray, blue, violet or purple. The colors used for your Cheap single bed discount beds size buy prices frames white king for sale small base kids wooden storage dimensions with storage divan drawers pine low metal standard black headboards large bunk twin guest big short boys furniture iron super best narrow And other pieces of furniture should not annoy you or violate your peace of mind in any way. And with the right combination of furniture, lighting and decor in your bedroom, you will be able to achieve an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. You have bought the most beautiful single bed. You have chosen the most comfortable mattress. You have even painted your bedroom in the most quiet and relaxing colors. However, you still continue to toss and turn. It is really hard for you to fall asleep or to wake up. You are feeling like a squeezed lemon, but you have never even thought how to position the bed properly.  However, if you cannot get any rest after your sleep, it’s probably about the right time for you to learn how to put your single bed in its place.

The location of a cheap single bed frame with storage in your bedroom can have a noticeable effect on your sleep and on the overall health condition. This effect can be explained from a rational point of view and in terms of Feng Shui. The free flow of energy has a very important meaning in the teachings of Feng Shui. But from a rational point of you, you will be constantly annoyed if your single bed is positioned improperly. On the other hand, it’s not that difficult to find the best position for your single bed. It is even easier to spot the worst position for your bed. Once you have spotted it, it will be even easier for you to relocate your bed. It is not the best idea to place the single bed with the footboard to the door. Some people believe that it a very bad sign, because the dead people are carried this way. The rules of Feng Shui prohibit such positioning of a single bed with storage as well, because the negative energy may flow through the door of your bedroom. However, even if it is impossible to change the positioning of your single bed, you can always reduce the negative impact by keeping the door closed.

Another bad idea is to position your single bed frame with storage with its headboard to the window. A person is always relaxed, defenseless and vulnerable at sleep. During this time, you need all the support you can get. A window, no matter how perfectly insulated it is, cannot provide you with the amazing sense of security. You can hardly rely on it. That’s why the bed must be in contact with the wall. You should not position your bed next to the window either. You do not want to turn the headboard of your single bed to the wall by placing the bed closer to the window. And it’s not only about the teachings of Feng Shui. Everything is much simpler and more pragmatic. The cold air gets through your windows. Therefore, you can easily catch a cold or even more serious disease. Never experiment with your health. Heavy chandeliers and boxes should not be positioned above your single bed frame with storage. These items can cause imperceptible anxiety. With such a subconscious threat, you will never truly relax. This can lead to insomnia and other mental disorders. Finally, you do not want to position your bed in between the door and window, because the movement of various energies will never let you sleep peacefully.